Views From The Nacho Stand – Thanksgiving Edition

I hope that everyone had a blessed and enjoyable Thanksgiving. Our family was thankful and grateful.

* I’m sure he wouldn’t accept it, but if ND was to let him go, you could not find a better Offensive Coordinator for ND than Charlie Weiss…

* Tim Murphy is my personal choice to replace Charlie, but Bob Stoops would be nice as well. I like the toughness Harbaugh brings to Stanford, but I am not so sure about a “Michigan man” coaching at ND.

* It would be great if the latest Red Sox rumor was true (Sox and Marlins talk trade for Hanley Ramirez).

* In no way does any of the 2-loss teams deserve to make a BCS Bowl over Boise State.

* That being said, the big ten/eleven no longer deserves “major conference” status – at least not until teams like penn state stop playing patsies with all of their non-conference games.

* Good luck to former Oregon Duck Dixon in his first start for the Steelers this Sunday night. I also am happy to see Tyler Palko in a NFL uniform again. He deserves to be on a NFL team and he is better than most backups and even a few starters.


Key Factors to 2009 Red Sox Post Season

With my first blog post, I will start simple. Here are my top three determining factors to the Red Sox success this post season:

1. Production from the DH spot (We all know who I mean!)
2. Josh Beckett being Beckett of 2007 and/or 2003
3. Continued success of V-Mart

As a regular feature of this blog, I will also post a motivational quote and a passage from Scripture.

If what you did yesterday is important to you, then you have not done anything today. – Lou Holtz

If God is for us, who can be against us? Romans 8:31